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An Award winning Enterprise Communication Solution

iModus is a secure, robust web based communication platform trusted by organisations the world over.

iModus’ comprehensive suite of modules provides a cost effective  scalable platform for businesses to manage a wide range of communication and business planning tools. Launched in 2008, Vocal’s innovative suite helps organisations communicate, plan and manage their response to any business-affecting situation as well as operational communications.

At the heart of iModus is a powerful messaging engine providing the ability to deliver messages in real time around the globe.  Every message counts, and each message broadcast through iModus is fully audited and can be sent as  SMS, live voice broadcast, Text to Speech, Email, HTML Email, Smartphone applications, desktop alerting and Radio Pagers. The iModus messaging engine can broadcast millions of messages per hour with failover infrastructure and multiple dispatching servers, customers have the peace of mind that when a message is sent, it’s delivered to the right people, on the right device. At the right time.

iModus can be much more than a communication suite.

Used within  government, commerce and industry,  iModus provides our customers with the solutions enabling them to manage:-

  • Operational and business critical messaging
  • Business continuity planning and response
  • IT server alerting
  • Incident Management and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Staff Safety and Lone Worker Protection
  • Mass notification


All these applications and the products that drive them are accessible through a single, intuitive user interface and with no IT hardware purchase, telephony requirements or software downloads the system is easy to implement and roll out through an organisation.

iModus, the communication suite.

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