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Emergency Notification

‘…cutting through the chaos and uncertainty…by delivering factual, real time information…’

Vocal’s emergency notification solutions are effective, fast, reliable and ready when needed. The message delivery, communication, security and control has been built to meet our customers primary objective -  to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively. Enabling key responders to deal with the incident at hand.

When a crisis or disaster hits, key decision makers need to be able to get information through to their teams immediately, wherever they are. Traditional lines of communication do not possess the resilience or reliability to effectively address the need for information and direction under extreme circumstance.

Vocal has built a reputation on knowing how to effectively communicate in an emergency with anyone, anywhere, at anytime and to thousands of devices.

The Emergency Notification suite within iModus not only provides tools for comprehensive emergency planning, but also allows users to respond pro-actively when an incident requires innovative and spontaneous solutions that cannot be anticipated by traditional business continuity plans.


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