The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) Eastern Region project began in early 2014 and represents a partnership between the public and private sectors in the six counties of the Eastern Region of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex).  It is the first region outside of London and Scotland to emulate the CSSC initiative and will be a model for other regions to follow.

CSSC Eastern Region has support from key public and private sector partners across the region including the Police, Local Resilience Forums, Environment Agency, Home Office and National Crime Agency.  Once fully operational it will also partner with over 30 sectors (in-site link to sectors page) each of which is headed up by one or more Industry Sector Leads (ISLs), many of whom have national/international reach within their industries.

In the event of a major incident that is likely to have wide-reaching impact across the Eastern region, our partnership with the police, transport bodies and government ensures that we can deliver “one single truth” information via ISLs for onward distribution to their networks, so that businesses can make informed, appropriate decisions if necessary.

CSSC Eastern region is a two-way communications vehicle, and information coming into the hub is as important as that being sent out. Since inception, there have been a number of occasions where consultation with ISLs and their sector colleagues has led to information that has informed and provided invaluable insights for our public sector partners.

CSSC Eastern region is run by a Senior Management Board which oversees the CSSC Project team that handles day-to-day activity and development.