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Customer Support Portal

Login to Vocal’s Customer Support Portal to raise a support ticket, access information or to find answers to your questions to help you get the most out of your iModus suite.

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What’s New?

iModus 2.15 sees the launch of one new major module, one value added service and a new mobile enhanc…

iModus Rebrand

Vocal’s new company branding launched in late October. We are now able to announce that the next p…

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07.01.2014 iModus System Upgraded Functionality

iModus Version 2.15 will be released 25th January 2014 We are pleased to inform you that we will be …

03.11.2012 iModus System – Enhanced Functionality

Vocal has been finalising and testing some additions and enhancements to the iModus platform. We are…

03.10.2012 iModus System – Enhanced Functionality

A minor iModus system deploy is taking place this evening. Incident Workflow –  Amendments to…

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